Community Empowerment with Istanbul&i

In honour of World Refugee Day, Istanbul&i teamed up with the Philia project to discuss ways to help disadvantaged and displaced communities, through empowering dialogue, while being part of a network of global changemakers.

With over 4 million refugees, Turkey is currently home to the world’s largest refugee population. To create awareness of issues surrounding refugees and other displaced communities, across the globe, Istanbul&i hosted a unique TALK in recognition of World Refugee Day on Saturday the 20th of June.

Philia stands out to us due to its wide global reach as well as its incredible work on leadership and peer to peer empowerment with women from all walks of life. With many of our volunteers being from war-torn countries, the Philia message is certainly a powerful and inclusive one, and that resonated with many members of our community. 

Due to the COVID pandemic, the event was hosted over Zoom, with a constant number of around 50 participants at all times, extending to Turkey, Europe, North America, East Asia and several parts of Africa.

What stood out for us is the many similarities between The Philia Project and Istanbul&i is that both organisations are dedicated to empowering individuals towards reaching their goals, through dialogue, skills sharing and understanding. With this mutual commitment to empowering disadvantaged communities, any collaboration between Philia and Istanbul&i will be hugely beneficial to all communities involved.

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