Conquering Fear

Conquering Fear – Istanbul Edition – on Women’s Empowerment! ⁣

Philia hosted it’s brunch format in Istanbul last weekend. It was a great experience! The topic fear resonated with all of us and it was such a pleasure to take away some key insights.

Here some of them:

  • Fears are learned! We are not born with them. And this means that we can unlearn them too.
  • We have all been at that point in our lives when we had to start from zero. And even though it is scary these times teach us that we can do anything.
  • Fears come in layers: Personal, Interpersonal and Community-related. A lot of them stem from the same root though and it is often the balance between control and chaos (also often worded as security and freedom). 

Dealing with fears related to goals we want to achieve is different/easier than dealing with fears related to horrible situations out of our control. 

Fear can create a mindset where we expect failure, which can result in failure. If we can keep a mindset of success despite fear, this can create successful outcomes.