Discovering impACT Berlin

impACT Berlin – Day 1

Philia is a founding organisation of impACT. impACT is a global entrepreneurial movement solving major social challenges; especially in fragile contexts. In November 2017, impACT took place in Berlin. Selected Afghan startup actors to meet the German social entrepreneurship scene through an ecosystem tour. Furthermore, this article discusses conference day one (the ecosystem tour)  in detail.
To learn more about the talks and the workshops, check out the blog posts on conference day two and day three! Also, the ecosystem tour through Berlin guided a group of guests. Guests from Afghanistan through Berlin to get to know the (social) entrepreneurship scene and establish connections. The stations of the ecosystem tour included:

Impact Hub Berlin

Serving as a starting place, the group received a small introduction about Impact Hub Berlin and the global Impact Hub Network. Throughout the following days, the business model and mission of Impact Hub was a matter of continuous interest and explorations.


At SAP, we met with Ignatz Schatz (Startup Engagement Manager), Andre Biener (SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network Manager), Alexa Gorman (Global Vice-President Fund) and a representative (in charge for governmental relations in the MENA region, incl. Afghanistan). We discussed social entrepreneurship. SAPs activities in Afghanistan and the MENA region as well as their IT solutions for startups. we exchanged contact information. Andre Biener subsequently joined impACT on day one. Also, he asked to be kept in the loop about impACT’s future.

ReDI School

At ReDi School of Digital Integration, a non-profit digital school for tech-interested newcomers applying for asylum in Germany and a social startup in the broader sense. Moreover, the group was introduced to the school’s curriculum and business model. This visit was especially interesting for Tahmina Haidare from the Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). And it is currently running a reintegration programme for returning refugees in Kabul.

Migration Hub

At Migration Hub there was time to get to know social enterprises that are tackling SDG number 4 “Quality Education”, and SDG number 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” for instance. The startups that introduced themselves all were founded by migrants. Hosted by the Migration Hub. Furthermore, they gave insights and practical examples from social enterprises that are seeking to have an impact.