Discovering Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Recently, I started the peer-to-peer coaching process with the Philia Team and I learned that we could utilize peer coaching in a variety of environments.

I was excited for the journey, but I wasn’t familiar with the coaching strategy as the only coaching experience I had previously had was when I worked at a private college as an English teacher. Even though past colleagues provided different sources to improve myself, knowing their expectations was kind of a burden throughout the coaching process. It wasn’t the best way to work on my personal goals. 

However, the moment I began peer-to-peer coaching with the Philia Team, I knew it was going to be different.

Discover a Safe Environment

Peer-to-peer coaching provides a safe environment because we get to choose our partners; we can be productive together. I feel safe because I trust my partner and I can always tell my partner when I don’t feel comfortable. Still, if that fails, I can also switch partners.

Mutual respect and responsibility are necessary for peer coaching. There is no judgment or obligatory work, only an inspirational environment. We can share anything we want as no one is there to judge, only to help find the best in us by listening to one another without interrupting. 

Philia Coaching

Get a New Perspective

Peer coaching empowers people to learn new skills and develop new perspectives. We are provided with the opportunity to gain more awareness about ourselves by setting new goals, becoming familiar with our barriers, or even finding music lyrics or quotes that can influence our moods positively. 

As peer coaching is different from having a personal coach or trainer, it guides us to create a working relationship. We don’t have power over someone; the journey depends on our equality and perspectives on working together. It is not a personal development but an interpersonal development process.

The Important Thing is …

We can discover our strengths and weaknesses and observe them from a wider perspective. This makes productivity a part of our journey. 

No one has to focus on any results. The process of evaluating our own thoughts and organizing them according to our lives is amazing. 

Remember, this is not only about expressing ourselves. We get to listen to our peers carefully, without interrupting. As a peer, your role isn’t to find errors or to correct something. We are there to listen, to focus on the moment, and to transfer our true feelings with each other. 

Peer Coaching is Surprising

I started peer coaching as part of my job, but I found that it was much more than that. 

Peer coaching provides us with a completely new perspective on how to organize our goals, barriers, intentions, or any moment to enjoy life. We also have the privilege of spending personal time with a trusted partner.

Our partners facilitate energy that allows us to feel more powerful. Partners make it easier to elaborate on our real desires and needs in a safe environment where there is no judgment and only encouragement.  

I don’t know what will happen but I am very excited to see!


Photo by Ian Schneider and Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash.