Empowered despite Rejection

We organised another Philia Berlin Meetup. This time, we invited Christina Neumaier to give a workshop on the topic “How to stay empowered when feeling rejected”.

Rejection is a common situation, yet it is one that is often kept private. Rarely do we openly speak about rejections we went through and how hurtful they were. Rejection is linked to shame and not being good enough. What is more, the fear of rejection can keep us from presenting our ideas to the public and from being the most authentic version of ourselves.

Christina started the workshop by explaining the mechanisms of rejection in greater detail. But the workshop was certainly not a monotonous lecture! Most of the time was spent with out-of-the-box exercises that helped us to understand what rejection does to our bodies (in the sense of tensed muscles and increased heartbeat) and how we can overcome its effects through mindfulness, breath and physical activities.

In the end, we shared our biggest aha moment of the evening and participants spoke about their takeaways:

  • „I realized that when someone says “no” to an idea of me it’s nothing personal“
  • „I learnt how much our authenticity is connected to being at ease with rejection“
  • „I felt how wonderful it is being connected to the body and feeling my feet and legs present – it makes me feel more grounded and in the moment“
  • „I got inspired to look at rejection in my life in a new, fresh way. I learnt how important it is to experience a topic not only from the head but also from my body.”

Also, Christina left the event feeling touched: “These moments are so precious to me when people leave inspired and with life-changing insights. These are exactly the moments when I feel why I’m doing my work and why I need to continue and want to reach more people.”


You can read more about Christina’s work on her website: http://www.christinaneumaier.com