Empowerment through Music

At Philia, the main approach towards women’s empowerment is our unique peer coaching method. We believe that weekly reflections on our goals, barriers and intentions can get us a long way. Add a community of strong and supportive women and you have the quintessence of what what we are all about.

While believing 100% in the usefulness of our own programme, we also support other additional approaches to women’s empowerment that can be hugely valuable. That is why we are hosting more and more events through our Berlin Meetup that create added value besides peer coaching.

Let’s look at our latest workshop that was organised in collaboration with Monica Besser, an amazing musician from Brazil. Monica spent the past 25 years working with great musicians, healers and teachers from the #Amazon region and gained great knowledge about the connection between music, inner development and health. Her approach has very little to do with Philia’s approach that supports an inner and outer dialogue. Monica works with tools that help us to connect with our hearts and bodies through music. Pure surrender.

We organised a joint workshop titled “The Soul’s Sound Circle”. We spent two hours at the wonderful Forum Brasil in Berlin and embarked on an experimental musical journey. The first part of the workshop was focussed on the flow of air through our bodies. Monica taught us that only 30% of singing expertise has to do with the vocal cords, the rest is the ability to channel the flow of air. This part was nothing like your average singing class though – Monica is not only funny and engaging, she also targeted the workshop specifically to women and taught us some secret lessons that are not only useful for singing, but also in the bedroom 😉 Pssst, you can train without taking your clothes off.

The second part of the workshop was a truly transcendental sound journey. We lay down on the floor whilst Monica played the Nepal bowl. Even those that did not have previous experience with meditation agreed that the sound helped them to relax the entire body and the mind.

Lastly, Monica pulled out her guitar and we sang together a couple of songs that address both individual and societal transformation such as “Imagine” by the Beatles and Monica’s pwn song “Shift the Axis” – a song that talks about moving from an “I” and consumption focussed society to a “we” and compassion focussed society. Overall, we all enjoyed the evening and look forward to future events that engage body, mind and spirit.