Inspiring impACT Berlin

impACT Berlin – Day 2

Inspiring impACT Berlin had three components. The Berlin ecosystem tour, the conference day and the un-conference day.

International guests were flown into Berlin in order to strengthen the global (social) startup ecosystem. By bringing together relevant stakeholders. Our holistic approach enhances existing top down and bottom up structures alike. 

The impACT Conference Day in Berlin was a replica of the impACT Conference Day in Kabul. After a series of heavy attacks in Afghanistan in May 2017, impACT was created by Ahmad Fahim Didar, Nicole Bogott and Matiullah Rahmaty. They do this as an attempt to change the narrative of the country.

Furthermore, impACT launched with its first event in August 2017. Discussing startup success in Kabul, and Afghanistan while introducing Afghan refugees. Those who returned to their home country to the Afghan startup scene. Now impACT went international. Spreading a new narrative on fragile places such as Afghanistan. Additionally, the new narrative shows that there are Afghan entrepreneurs passionately rebuilding the country. Also, there are other places that are just as motivated and eager to do this in other parts of the world.

Organisations Present at impACT Berlin

At impACT Berlin, we welcomed (social) entrepreneurs, startup hubs and experts from Afghanistan and Germany. They come from academia and the non-profit sector. Furthermore, we also welcome the development cooperation organisations, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

There was a panel discussion. Combined with to-the-point-presentations on the three key elements for startup success: networks, resources and knowledge. Moreover, compared to the first impACT edition, there were two speakers for each subject. Also, they are from a different background and nationality.

    • Roughly 50% of attendees had an Afghan background
    • Roughly 50% were entrepreneurs: startup or company owners. Planning to become one. Meanwhile, the other half came from development cooperation organisations and civil society. Also from the financial sector and academia
    • 6 guests residing in Kabul, 1 residing in Delhi, 2 residing in Geneva, 2 residing in Copenhagen and 1 residing in London attended impACT
    • Guests from Germany came from across the country: incl. Frankfurt, Hamburg and Siegen. impACT was promoted through internal networks of AGHAEZ, Founders Institute, Impact Hub Berlin, Migration Hub, IOM and GIZ.