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We want to take you with us on our journey. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, living location independently and having an impact in the world all at the same time then this section will interest you. As you might have noticed, the Philia Peer Coaching Business is in its early stages. We want you to learn how our social business grows, what phases we go through, when we make turns and when we celebrate successes.

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Turn your best friend into your coach! Do you want to sharpen your communication skills while reaching your individual goals together with a friend? According to us with the right mindset simply everyone can be a coach. With Philia we want to foster support and uplifting conversations in communities. In this section, we will keep you posted about how you can get involved through our various online products, local Empowerment Groups and Peer Coaching Retreats.

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For us, it is all about empowerment through connection! Inspired by the effects that peer coaching had on our own lives, we started writing down all of our insights regarding building community, effective dialogue and personal development. The unique mix of these different topics led to a whole new way of approaching life. We are looking forward to sharing these insights with you via our blog and – if you are curious to dive even deeper – in one of our courses.

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