“Method, Mindset, Magic” Workshop Series

The past six months have been an incredible journey for us. After getting the fabulous opportunity to teach our coaching method as part of initiatives such as Startup Valley and at the American University Kabul in Afghanistan as well as eHealth Africa in Nigeria it was about time to bring our insights to Europe.

We enjoy the vibrant startup scene in Berlin and so the choice for the right location was easy: The workshops took place at the newly opened Mindspace Co-Working hub at Krausenstraße Berlin.

Based on learnings and feedback from the first couple of workshop series, we developed a brand new and improved four-week programme that focuses on the method, the mindset and the magic of the Philia Peer Coaching Approach.

During the first two sessions, the participants got a comprehensive overview of our method. They learned how to schedule coaching meetings, which makes Philia sessions successful and sustainable, how to integrate Philia Readings into their daily routines and how to structure weekly recurring coaching meetings.

In the third session, we focussed on the development of the right mindset of coach and coachee. At Philia, we see the importance of a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Only if you trust that you can always improve on your current skill set and that your future is in your own hands, you can reach your full potential and tap into your own life force. The same holds true for being a coach. You need to believe that your coaching partner has the ability to overcome challenges in order to be a cheerleader for her. This very much tweaks the way you communicate to friends that are in the process of evolving and to define and achieve their own personal and professional goals.

The last session was devoted to the topic of magic. Despite being ambitious and driven we also don’t like to take life too serious and therefore, we aim to add spark and fun to every aspect of our work. The magic module embraces this view. In this class, we spoke about energy flows between people and how to create and maintain fulfilling relationships to partners, friends and relatives. What is more, we touched on the topic of intuition, which is an important aspect taught in the Philia material and of personal development as a whole in our opinion. Your intuition, your gut feeling or inner compass, whatever you want to name it, must always guide yourself rather than other people around you.

The participants, which were a mix of German, American and French women thoroughly enjoyed the classes and contributed countless good insights and remarks. Most of them have already incorporated the peer coaching method into their weekly routines. And Philia wouldn’t be Philia without the powerful and fun community aspect: The French workshop participant Mathilde already got in touch with our Paris-based Philias and they are planning to organise meetups in Paris. We couldn’t be more humbled and excited!