Philia and Global Diplomacy discuss Power and Society

Power is a very broad concept. To narrow it down Philia spoke on a panel by Global Diplomacy on the power of communities and on human rights. What better way to talk about these topics than with practical examples? Philia with its global network (Portugal, Germany, Turkey, India, and Afghanistan) and a peer coaching process of empowering women was the ideal partner for Global Diplomacy.

The discussion between speakers and the audience followed a set of preparatory questions:

  • What is power?
  • Has society been changing the power dynamics or have power dynamics changed society?
  • What is the future of power?
  • What can we do to be more empowered in order to tackle specific challenges?

The importance of communication and the creation of safe spaces for civic participation and engagement were marked the most important topics. These are common aspects of the mission of both organizations, Philia and Global Diplomacy, and will surely continue to be worked on in future cooperation opportunities.

The first event of Global Diplomacy, a global think-and-do tank aimed at understanding the world through information design and research, took place at the beginning of April 2020 in an online format. Nicole Bogott, Philia’s founder, was one of the invited speakers to talk about power and society (