Philia Deep Talk Dinner

Philia is all about empowerment and meaningful conversations. Our 20-week peer coaching programme exemplifies this. But we do not stop there: At Philia we came up with a unique dinner format that allows women to establish connections full of depth and understanding with complete strangers.

Deep Talk Dinners

The event format is called “Deep Talk Dinners”. The formula goes like this: 10-14 women meet up at a restaurant or private venue. Picture delicious food and tasty wines, some Jazz in the background and candlelights.

For the first hour, each woman gets paired with another woman who she never met previous to the event. After one hour, everyone turns to their other side and spends an hour with yet another unknown woman. What happens during these one-hour slots makes the magic of the event: Everyone receives a “Question Menu” with around 40 deep questions about personal values, dreams, fears and past experiences. Here some examples:

  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • Would you pick a different career path if you did life over again?
  • What’s your passion project these days?

The first deep talk dinner of this event series happened on November 18th in Berlin. Everyone loved the format and new friendships emerged. We are sure to organise many more events of this kind. Join our meetup group and stay tuned:

If you’re not based in Berlin but would like to organise a deep talk dinner yourself, please do get in touch! We’re more than happy to support you in organising an event yourself.