Global Philia Network

The Philia Method is a tool that helps to empower Philia Participants to support each other towards achieving their goals while being part of the Global Philia Network.

Standing in solidarity is a key aspect of  Philia. This is why our Philia Ambassadors lead communities around the world. 

Philia Ambassadors represent Philia and lead moderated discussions towards empowerment and leadership. The Philia Ambassador Programme recruits Lead Ambassadors and Co-Lead Ambassadors, who are supported by Supporting Ambassador on the ground. They organize events that bring together Philia Participants who would like to join the global discussion on equality and justice. 

Philia Topics

The topics discussed globally are based on the Philia e-course which teaches the Philia Method based on a technique called transformative listening. The e-course is a peer-to-peer coaching tool, which allows for partners to take a journey of communal growth through a structured methodology comprising three stages. Our methodology is based on consent, active listening and mutual support which allows the peers to dive deep into personal, relational and community power. 

Philia Network

Philia Ambassadors organize, coordinate and share their time and commitment to building a strong Global Philia Network together with partners supporting our cause. They are the point of contact for the participants and a great source of knowledge and, as role models, empowering others to also take the lead in their communities.