Philia goes Afghanistan

The Philia Project has hit it off in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Together with a group of like-minded women, who are aspiring entrepreneurs, Nicole formed a Women’s Empowerment Group and started teaching the foundations of the Philia Peer Coaching Methods.

Amongst other ideas, the participating women are in the process of creating a greenhouse, a company to empower women through tech knowledge and tailoring businesses.

Thanks to Ahmad Didar, founder of the Afghan accelerator AGHAEZ, whom she had worked with on her first book regarding the impact that startups have in the world, Nicole was able to start the implementation of the weekly sessions together with about ten Afghan women.

In the first sessions, Nicole discussed the basics of the Philia Peer Coaching approach with the participants. She laid out the foundations of enhancing one’s own networks and working together as peers in order to provide support to one another to reach one’s goals.

Stay tuned on further updates from Afghanistan.

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