Why the Philia Method works

Philia is a method that teaches friends, colleagues or peers the right tools to reach their goals and to successfully improve their communication skills in the process.

This process is called peer coaching. You might have never heard of the term peer coaching before. Why is that?

Traditionally, if we think of learning something new, automatically an outdated idea of a teacher and a student springs to mind. This is how most Empowerment Programmes are structured. Traditionally, an advanced person, who acts as a coach or mentor, facilitates change within the student. This approach does work. We do not dispute that.

Though it has its problems. The most obvious one is sustainability.

What we mean by that is that a traditional student-teacher relationship usually won’t last for an extended period of time. There is the coach who gives and the coachee who receives. Unless the coachee keeps on paying the coach continuously, the teacher will be tired of giving, giving, giving. And let’s face it: having to pay your coach is draining on any student’s pocket in the long run.

The second problem of traditional coaching is effectiveness and the last one is the connection. When one person teaches another there is an imbalance in power between them. While one person always gives the other one always takes. While this can be very effective it may also become exhausting for both partners.

Peer Coaching is Sustainable

It is true that in peer coaching there is also a teacher and a student but these roles switch during the peer coaching method.

Why is this more sustainable?

The Philia Method is very straight forward. Once you learn how the peer coaching process works you can use the tools and practice indefinitely with no further costs involved. How cool is that?

Peer Coaching and the Learning Pyramid

There are several ways of learning. People differ in their preferences for various methods. Some people are visual while others are listeners. According to the learning pyramid the effectiveness of acquiring new information is the greatest when the learner teaches towards others. This is a core element of peer coaching. The process evokes you and your friend to guide one another and to have profound realisations.

The Philia method is also enhanced by lectures (in our Empowerment Workshops), readings (in our online course), audio-visuals (in our newsletter) and discussions and teaching (during the actual coaching). The weeks between the coaching are filled with the “learning by doing” element.

So we could safely say that we got it all covered.

Peer Coaching and Trust

Trust is a profound element in the Philia coaching method. By sharing one’s struggles and successes openly, the level of trust between people increases.

But what is the value of establishing trust between two individuals? You gain the space to really be yourself.

Through your struggles, you are not alone. Further, the Philia Community will become your tribe that you can actually rely on.

The process of creating trust is most effective starting out within oneself with spillover effects it has between two people towards the creation of a trusted community.

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