Philia Photo Shoot

Philia Photo Shoot; Getting Started

Starting a business means being in charge of all aspects of a company. Sure, some activities don’t really float our boat. For example, let’s say bookkeeping. But some of our activities are so much fun. We’d gladly do them as leisure activities! Our recent photoshoot is one of these activities.

What was the photoshoot all about in the first place? Well, we care for authenticity. So after half a year since we launched the website, it just started to feel off to make use of so many stock photos. Don’t get us wrong, our website always represented our style and mission, but we were looking for something more personal!

Meeting Our Amazing Photographer

A few weeks ago, we met the amazing photographer Janina Steinmetz by coincidence and immediately fell in love with her work. She too, just like us, has a special interest in working with and empowering women. Furthermore, at her young age, she is a successful business owner. She takes calculated risks and she is a real go-getter. A perfect role model for Philia. Also, once we explained to her who we work with and how the programme is changing lives around the globe, Janina was hooked and agreed to collaborate with us.

Furthermore, we believe that a good product needs to be created with the right mindset in every aspect. Therefore, we took extra time to come up with a good concept for the shoot.  Also, we selected models that perfectly match our brand identity. First and foremost, the models had to represent the international aspect of Philia. We were so grateful to find beautiful models from four different countries: Alejandra from Mexico, Ana Laura from Bolivia, Carolin from Germany and Milena from Serbia. We also took care that they have this spark, this mix of ambition and kindness that we see in most Philia participants.

What is more…

Janina and we agreed that the photos should be as natural as possible. Janina’s main background is in documentary photography. So illustrating vividly how Philia works in practice was right down her alley. We decided for a couple of relaxed, yet picturesque locations for the shoot, amongst them Kapitän Coffeeshop on Glogauer Straße.

Finally, on a sunny Tuesday, the shoot took place. We long wanted to overhaul our Philia website with native content and pictures. Thanks to Janina as well as Milena, Ana Laura, Carolin, Alejandra and the team at Cafe Kapitätn, we are now able to do so. You ladies are amazing. All of us coming together is really showing how the Philia spirit works!