Philia’s e-Course Launch

Philia is hitting off and it is hitting off massively! We are happy to announce that we have just reached the next milestone of our Philia business launch:

Our peer coaching online course is now officially in its piloting phase!

The pilot is currently being conducted by eight kickass women from five different nationalities residing in three continents. So, as you can see Philia is slowly taking over the world 😉

All of the participants are successful, open-minded and ambitious women, yet by implementing the Philia methods they want to reach the next step in their personal and professional development. We are incredibly excited to see them embark on their own peer coaching journeys and to have them as part of the Global Philia Women’s Community.

In recent weeks, we have kicked off the pilot phase by meeting the groups via skype. Speaking to our participants about their goals and ambitions is such an amazing feeling!

Our online course contains 20 weekly sessions. We provide readings on the topics peer coaching, personal development and communication skills as well as thought-provoking exercises and a template to track your individual progress. The weekly coaching itself takes around one hour and can take place in person or via skype. It does not seem like a big-time commitment but we assure you once you are doing the sessions together continuously the effects are life-changing.

Both the online course and our offline women’s empowerment groups are based on the same methodology. It’s all about 1-to-1 peer coaching and personal growth techniques.

Stay tuned to hear our latest updates on our e-courses! Are you interested in taking part in a course yourself? Reach out to us!