Redefining Our Social Lives – Dealing With Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed so many things, especially our social groups and the frequency of our interactions. We all had to and continue to find new ways to socialize. 

In March 2020, when everything stopped, so did I (at least for a moment). I needed to talk with someone over coffee; I needed to feel ‘normal’ but I didn’t know how or if that was even possible.

This change in my life had led me to search for different social groups. I needed a reason to focus on my future and to ensure that I could still do something for society. Moreover, I needed to not lose the spirit of interaction. Luckily, I found the Philia Team at that moment.

A Virus Leading to Loneliness!

I hadn’t realized how seriously the pandemic had changed our social lives until my husband and I tested positive.

Even though we lived in the same house, we had to sleep in separate rooms while having to take care of our son. All means of communication were meaningless because being Covid-19 positive was something that we had to manage all alone as we didn’t want others worrying about us or becoming infected.

This was a desperate moment. No one could do anything but hope for the best. We had to be all alone at home, as many others found themselves around the world.

Revaluation of Social Context

Staying at home made me question the context of socializing as I was isolated for more than a week and I didn’t have enough strength to talk to others. 

When we feel alone, we feel like we are isolated and no one else feels like us.

I have always needed a safe place to share my experiences, an opportunity to gossip after work, a moment to enjoy without thinking about my responsibilities, or just a few memorable stories to share. 

I wanted to be social.

Something For Myself

Covid-19 sparked a transition in me. I started to handle the pandemic with new and online social interactions. Somehow I created a supportive space for myself to make time to connect with my beloved ones, to cope with stress, and to create a greater social environment. 

In this “new norm”, being able to reach the phone knowing that there is always someone on the other line has helped me as Covid-19 has the ability to sentence you to your home or to the hospital ALONE. Covid-19 made me acknowledge and accept the importance of the social support system.

Something New

So far, we have succeeded at a difficult task and survived. Now, it is time to reevaluate what we have and maybe become a part of a new social environment to stay healthier. 

I definitely miss my old routines. I miss being in the crowd, being together with people, and enjoying a cup of coffee. On the other hand, this past year has taught me the importance of health, more than ever, and even finding the right social environment to share my life and opinions. 

We can always redefine our social lives if needed.

Photo: © JaninaSteinmetzPhotographie