Reclaiming Security

Our September topic for the Women’s Empowerment Brunches around the globe was centred around ‘Security’. 

The monthly conversations are based on the research-based e-course, our self-developed methodology of peer to peer coaching. By joining the Philia journey with your peer, who could be a friend or a Philia-made match. You will discover new levels of support and accountability and your growth will inspire everyone around you to see their goals as totally attainable. 

Seeking Comfort and Security

As expected, the discussions were intense and highly revealing. Everyone has a security blanket and has wondered at least once in life how to go about it in a healthy way. In and out of the blanket is a movement we do as part of maintaining a life balance that suits our needs for progress while nourishing our deep necessity for self-care. 

We extracted a few insights which we find relevant to share as they have the power to shape our understanding of ‘security’. We crave security because we want to feel grounded which in turn gives us a better grip on the realities of our lives. We make decisions easier when we feel secure. There is empowerment in security, but it can be easily overdone. Too much time spent in complete security blocks our growth and makes us more reluctant to try new things.

Goals and Priorities

While we are under the security blanket it is good to assess our goals in life and set some new priorities which are motivating enough to kick us out of our comfort zone and back into the world of exploration, into the unknown where all discoveries are patiently waiting for our curiosity. When we don’t know what to do, when the fog of confusion overtakes our lives, we must take some time to rethink our strategies and maybe change some mechanisms we’ve been perpetuating. When we don’t know what to do, we should wait, practice stillness and cultivate patience until we do know, and when we know we should act without delay. 

Seeking Adventure

It’s always important to remember that we humans have a tendency to crave what we don’t have. When we are too secure we crave adventure when we are too adventurous, we crave security. The pendulum is always swinging in our busy modern lives and to train ourselves to know when to stop and when to move is the best we can do in order to achieve the lives we desire. 

If we stay put for too long, we lose opportunities. If we let our boundaries down too much, we risk getting too influenced by others and begin to compare ourselves to those who shouldn’t necessarily serve us as models. We only need to compare ourselves to who we were yesterday and trace our small progressions, those little important everyday steps, which take us the furthest. The important part is to try and if we fail, we shall see later, but the self-gratitude which comes from trying has the power to eventually turn any failure into a valuable lesson. Keep trying and keep growing into the beauty you already are.