Speak YOUR truth!

Philia supports you to support yourself and others around you; especially your best friend. We asked Kyla Mitsunga a question: What is feminine leadership? Kyla is a happiness coach from Korea. She taught at Harvard University and Yonsei University in Korea.

The series she started in 2018 via Facebook is called FriYAYs WITH Kyla. On the topic of Feminine Leadership she suggested to everyone: “Speak YOUR Truth!”

Kyla first touched upon what the word feminine means: Upon exchanging definitions at a conference with a man from Denmark she had an epiphany: Feminine is about “being yourself”. The term is closely related to feminism, which in essence, to Kyla is closely connected to equality.

Feminine Leadership has much to do with authenticity, she goes on in her talk. Many people worry about speaking up and speaking their truth. Especially, when looking at the recent movement of people using hashtags to speak their own truth such as #metoo. Kyla believes that feminine leadership is closely tied to exactly that: Speaking out authentically.

There are many obstacles for women as to why they do not speak up. But rather than worrying about fitting in and how we are being perceived, we should focus on being authentic with ourselves by understanding our truth. Only then can we also subsequently live and speak our truth. What do we worry about? Women often worry about others; especially when they are outnumbered by men and hence speak out less.

Your truth can be many things. You can start small, Kyla encourages women to be brave. By doing this you can be the change for other people as well.

Check out the whole video.