Week FOUR: Philia at AUAF

The last week of the Philia Peer Coaching Sessions has come. Nargis is participating in the Philia Workshops that have specifically been tailored for the AUAF students, who wanted to enhance their female leadership skills. Here are links to week one, week two and week three. Read on about Nargis’s experience of week four:

The past three weeks we started each Philia Session by looking at our goals and barriers first. However, this week was different.

We started the session with an interesting new activity: the Energy Snapshot. The Energy Snapshot is all about evaluating your overall state of being of the particular day you do the Philia Session with your Philia Partner. We rated some main influencers of our state in the Energy Snapshot such as rest, period and PMS, nutrition, overall health, beauty, money and intellectual stimulation.

Besides the Energy Snapshot, we looked at our goals, intentions and affirmations, as we did in previous weeks. Later, we discussed the outcomes of the reflection time with our Philia Partners and gave feedback to one another during the peer coaching period.

As in every session, we were taught about a new topic. In this session, we learned about Chimp Mode, a concept developed by Steve Peters. The inner chimp is part of every human beings brain and leads to people acting like a wild animal at times. It is a state or feeling that makes one react impatiently, irrationally and impulsively. People often blow things out of proportion in this mode so that they seem to be catastrophic. So, little things seem to be really big. People in chimp mode judge based on emotions without having any evidence, which could even result in shouting at people.

After we understood the concept in greater detail we looked at the solutions on how to control our own inner chimp and how to deal with other people’s chimps. Doing exercise is one great way to have control over it. Another great way is to speak about our feelings and analyse them with our Philia Partner. We also talked about the situations where we and our friends have been in this mode and how we dealt with it in the past.

I am really happy that I participated in the four weeks Philia Workshop Sessions. Coming together brings very calming energy. It isn’t just a classroom in which you sit surrounded by people but it becomes a place where you find peace, you share, you listen and feel really PHILIA.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Nargis! 🙂

If you are as excited as we are about Nargis as the new add-on to the Philia Family and are interested in learning more about Philia yourself, then signup!