Week ONE: Mapping where you are in life

Introduction week was all fun and games, but then week one of Philia started. And it wasn’t fun at all. Getting conscious about where you are in life is an essential part of every personal development programme, any new business endeavour or even a road trip you take. But whilst directing the blue pulsating dot on Google Maps requires zero work, the amount of inner work necessary to pinpoint where you are in life can make you break out in some sweat.

There are several tasks the Philia Programme has prepared for you as the first step on your brave new journey. All of them revolve around The Wheel of Life. Don’t get all excited. There is no hostess in a shiny dress. No lottery to win. Though, in fact, not mapping what my current situation looks like would be like hoping to win the lottery of life without even buying a ticket. Why do I sound like mapping the eight areas of life would be something I’d rather avoid? After assessing my life with the exercise it turned out that I am not a striking success in all that I do (ha! bummer!) and seeing that on paper was a little bit frustrating. Plus, I had to face areas that I have long been neglecting.

Week ONE: Mapping where you are in life
Taking Stock of Your Current Situation

I was supposed to have a look at my business/career, finances, health, family and friends, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, the physical environment and rank each area on a scale from one to ten; ten being the highest level of fulfilment. Then I had to list several items that I am happy within each area and several I am missing or am unhappy with. We are all adults here. So, it is safe to say that when you reach out for coaching, it is usually because something is not working right in your life.

Week ONE: Mapping where you are in life
Working on Computer

So, in my case, it looked something like this:

Health: I have recently experienced symptoms of burnout and have been hospitalized. Sleep is not good. Diet is not good. Yoga is not going to save everything I’m doing wrong in this area. I feel ten years older than I actually am.

Physical Environment: Unsustainable living situation. Need my own place!

Career was going to be my benchmark since I skyrocketed this area in the last four years. Well, as it turned out the current work situation was the main stressor in my whole wheel.

Romance: What is romance?  

Personal Growth marked by beautiful number eight saved the day. 🙂

Week ONE: Mapping where you are in life

So do not worry if your list looks a lot like mine. That’s why we are all here.

What made everything easier was Philia Programme itself. The instructions could not have been any clearer. There were questions that guided me to find exactly the answers necessary. Everything was transparent, sincere and that altogether inspired me to be honest with myself, too.

I was ready for my call with Vladi.

What was beautiful about week 1:

  •   The call itself (Although it took us three hours to go through everything. But perhaps it will be faster for tandems, who know each other well.)
  •   Tiny little aha-moments: “When it comes to love, I am fulfilled. There are my boyfriend, family, community and our dog. I feel loved daily.” That poured so much energy into me, since my parents have a dog, too, and I get to see all of them quite often. I am lucky.
  •   The part when you share something you haven’t told a single living soul. Such-a-relief!