Week THREE: Philia at AUAF

Here you can read about Nargis’ experience of the third week of the Philia Workshops that are taking place at the American University of Afghanistan:

As our usual routine, we first had our weekly reflection time. During this time we filled in the progress report. We looked over the goals we had during the week and wrote new ones. Also, we noted down the barriers that kept us from reaching the goals during the past week. We also thought about the progress and successes we had in the past week in any aspects and noted those down during the time given to us

Next came the best and most calming time for every pair, the Philia Peer Coaching! This is my favourite part of the Philia Workshops. During peer coaching, each pair has their own ten minutes to open up and talk about their past week. Then there is some time to give advice to each other on how to fight the existing barriers each partner has faced during last week and how as Philias they can become stronger, together.

During the third week of Philia, we had an activity called “Greatest Supporter”. The group exercise gave us the opportunity to remember the person who has been our greatest supporter in the past. We then reflected in detail about what they did that made us empowered. Meanwhile, we know that our lives aren’t always surrounded by optimistic people, who support us. Some bitter people also exist! We had time to remember them too and how they dishearten us by specific actions.

Here is what I love about participating in the Philia Workshops: Every week we learn something new! And this week we were learned how to become a CHEERLEADER for our partners.

I now know that cheerleading is not always to chant and shout for teams in games or sports, but how we encourage and give positive vibes to our Philia Partners. Cheerleading is when your partner accomplishes a goal and you say “I am proud of you”. Be proud, supportive and be happy for the other person! We learned ways of highlighting our partner’s strengths and to always have the best in mind for each other. I now understand how to show to my Philia Partner that I want her to succeed on her terms. The most important aspect here is to help her to discover herself. Philia provided me with specific tools to gain this understanding and to implement this new knowledge.

Thanks, Nargis! 🙂

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