Women in Society

At Philia we realize in many ways that women and other marginalized groups are being subjected to adhere to certain socially constructed norms.

Objectively, women have often been relegated to the background and have become anonymous in many progressive nations of the world. In some societies, girls are being denied their educational rights and are only seen as beneficial in domestic chores.

Some society perceives that science and technology, politics, engineering should only be done by men. Consequently, this has not contributed positively to nation-building and that is why we at Philia have made an effort to create a network that spans the globe to tackle this problem through solidarity.

There are some amazing women standing out as role models. Serena Williams is great in the game of Tennis, Megan Rapinoe is a star in soccer, Oprah Winfrey is a successful TV personality, to mention only but a few women who are already gaining momentum in contributing to the society, that is of course, proud of them now and have broken themselves free from the chains of stereotypes. 

Panacea to gender inequality

Around the globe, Philia is ensuring measures are taken to tackle the issue of inequality that has become cancerous to the cells of economic growth. Globally, governments should implement policies to curb gender inequality in society.

We support women to participate in positions of political power and to lead campaigns for advocating the protection of the rights of women.

How women drive society

”When women are empowered and claim their rights and access to land, leadership, opportunities, and choices, economies grow, food security is enhanced and prospects are improved for current and future generations”.

These are not Philia words but those of Michelle Bachelet, under Secretary-General of UN women.

No society can achieve economic growth that is sustainable without empowering women. We recognize that when women are empowered they have an immense contribution to the education, health and welfare sectors of the society. Once the majority of women are empowered, the economy of a nation can skyrocket significantly.

Women and societal growth

As the empowerment of women creates a ripple effect, we developed the Philia Peer Coaching Programme. Gender inequality has to be dealt with at the grass-root level.

Philia works for the enhancement of access towards entrepreneurial ventures, high-level education, and the protection of rights of women as incremental factors for driving positive changes in society.