Women’s Empowerment Brunch

Women deal with tremendous challenges in many parts of the world – Germany is no exception. For women that are having an impact in society or aspire to do so, Philia has created a global platform.

On the one hand, Philia is tackling women’s empowerment through our core products – our online course and our in-person workshops. On the other hand, we created a Berlin-based community for people interested in the topic of female leadership. You can find all events and meetups here. The community quickly grew from 0 to more than 300 members. This shows us the tremendous interest that people in Berlin have on this topic! 

The first brunch took place on September 2nd 2017. We met at Betahaus Cafe to kick off the Global Women’s Empowerment Network in Berlin. The second brunch happened on 30th of September 2017 at 10:30 am at Koyote.

We discussed personal views and initiatives around the topic of women’s empowerment. What is more, women shared who inspired them most on their personal journeys and spoke about their role models. The discussion was very lively and many of the participants were eager to network with one another.

Sometimes it is good to not have a rigid agenda. Just to let things develop naturally as we did with our brunch. We all decided that brunch will take place once a month. Any of you are more than welcome to join.

The next brunch will take place on the 28th of October in Berlin! Come on and join us. We will be most delighted to meet you.