The Philia App

Our Philia Product Specialists, in collaboration with our designers, have been working on building a progressive app. The Philia app will connect our global communities and allow each participant to have access to permanent virtual empowerment.  Future features include:  Peer-to-Peer Coaching Sessions. This is not only a new step into personal instant coaching but also …

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Global Philia Network

Global Philia Network

The Philia Method is a tool that helps to empower Philia Participants to support each other towards achieving their goals while being part of the Global Philia Network. Standing in solidarity is a key aspect of  Philia. This is why our Philia Ambassadors lead communities around the world.  Philia Ambassadors represent Philia and lead moderated …

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Women in Society

At Philia we realize in many ways that women and other marginalized groups are being subjected to adhere to certain socially constructed norms. Objectively, women have often been relegated to the background and have become anonymous in many progressive nations of the world. In some societies, girls are being denied their educational rights and are …

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Loneliness vs Aloneness in times of COVID-19 and beyond

Aloneness feels draining, distracting, and upsetting. It is a force into isolation when you are not understood or isolated in your circumstances. It is a state of mind. The central theme of Philia’s global discussion in May 2020 was Loneliness vs Aloneness – In times of COVID-19 and beyond.  Philia communities host meetups all around …

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